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Want to make your dick bigger and stronger? Of course you do! What guy wouldn’t want a little more confidence in bed? Well you’ve finally found the best no-bullshit source for free penis enlargement information, tips, and secrets. You’ll learn how to do safe and effective penis exercises that promote penis growth and strong erections. Is penis enlargement real? Some of it is real, and some of it isn’t. I’m here to help you find out everything you want to know about the discreet and sometimes deceptive topic of penis enlargement.

How to make dick biggerSo who the hell am I? I’m C. Rex,  just a regular dude who had a little too much free time while attending college. Like most guys in college, I was totally obsessed with sex but wasn’t getting laid enough. I was pretty self-conscious about my body, especially my penis. I didn’t feel like I had a big dick and to make things worse it was curved to one side. If you wish you could change something about your penis too, guess what – you’re not alone.

Starting erect penis size: 6.5″ x 5″
Current erect penis size: 7.5″ x 5.5″  8″ x 5.5″
Penis size goal: 9″ x 6″
(Bone press length x Circumference)

During one exceptionally long dry spell, I decided to stop wasting so much time jacking off to porn and instead focus on being a good lover. Basically my goal was to turn myself into a sex machine – to be so good in bed that a girl would be putty in my hands after I rocked her world. I wanted a bigger dick that chicks would drool over, and I wanted to learn how to make a girl cum like crazy. In other words, I wanted to fuck like a pornstar without the penis enlargement surgery.

This site is where I’ll share everything that I learned about making my dick bigger, harder, and longer lasting. (I even learned how to have multiple orgasms, which I never even knew men could do.) I read books, joined forums, and tried every penis enlargement technique I could find. I wasted a lot of time and money along the way, due to all of the fake penis enlargement shit out there.  But it was worth it in the end: I discovered a few penis exercises and devices that actually did work. Having a bigger cock is great, but it’s the confidence boost that really made my hard work worthwhile.

So, do you want to know what works and what doesn’t? I’ll be spilling the beans right here on this site, for free. Be sure to bookmark StrongerDick.com and visit us again for new penis training tips. If this site is helpful to you and you’d like to show your appreciation, you can leave me a comment, join my mailing list, follow me on Twitter, upvote my articles on Reddit, or buy the products advertised on this site.

I AM NOT A DOCTOR NOR AM I QUALIFIED TO GIVE MEDICAL ADVICE. None of the information found on this site is meant to be taken as medical advice. Always consult your doctor before attempting penis enlargement exercises or using penis enlargement products. Use common sense.

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  1. AZpunk


    I recently stumbled across your journal, and I had a few questions for you. How long did it take for you to notice the growth, and did you notice that any one method was more successful for you?

    1. C. Rex

      Hi and thanks for the great question. I first noticed sustained penis growth about 9 months into my regular penis enlargement routine. I will always remember that special night when my girlfriend (at the time) came over and I surprised her with a bigger dick than she expected. I mean, the size increase was definitely noticeable as soon as she saw, and she couldn’t wait to have some fun with it. I hadn’t done any penis exercises that day, so it wasn’t the sort of temporary increase in size that you see right after you finish jelqing or pumping. It was like I had a super-erection that made my dick bigger than ever before. Ah, memories.

      It’s hard to pin down one method that worked best for me because I follow a complete routine with different methods for length, girth, and cementing. “Cementing” is when you do certain PE exercises to make the enlargement permanent. I would say that my Penismaster penis extender was the best method for making my dick longer. I give it the credit for my nearly 1 inch of penis length increase. For penis thickness jelqing is definitely the best method. You can’t go wrong with jelqing. I did hand jelqing for the first 6 months and then bought a Jelq Device (jelq rollers) and haven’t gone back to hand jelqing since. It definitely made my erections stronger and gave me added girth. Many in the penis enlargement community believe the penis pumps help to cement the gains achieved through jelqing and stretching – I tend to agree with that and I use a penis pump pretty regularly when I am following my routine.

  2. azpunk

    hey rex, could you say more about your routine?
    How many times a week and for how long do you use the jelq roller, penis extender, and the penis pump?

    1. C. Rex

      In general I do about 1-2 hours of penis enlarging exercises every other day. I mostly focus on jelqing but add some stretching and pumping for variety. I lay out my PE routines in the following free articles you can read here:

  3. trex

    After you use the pump, how many erections is that size notice for. My girl wants me bigger AMD I want to please her. But I don’t want to h adv e to pump up in front of her.

    1. C. Rex

      Hi trex,
      The immediate penis girth size gains from using a penis pump are temporary. The “pumped” size will gradually fade away in several hours, so to answer your question, the increase in size will last for as many erections as you can get that day. If you want more permanent penis enlargement then my suggestion is to use a penis pump regularly along with a routine of jelqing and stretching.

  4. joe flidzow

    Dear good sir,
    i got problem with my penis size..i really want to make it big and huge also the lenght..
    pls tell how im gonna make my penis grow big,huge and better lenght?..

  5. Eliza

    WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for natural male
    enhancement pills

  6. kanikyaraj

    give me 1 pear

  7. JD

    Jelqing and pumps are dangerous and can fuck your shit up don’t do it. The extender is safe cuz the traction is controlled. Plus pumps don’t work except for giving you an erection. Plus using hand exercises are basically the same as an extender but more risky. Improving yourself is good but not all women need an 8inch dick. Vaginas vary as we’ll in size although not quite like the penis. It’s not worth injuring yourself permanently for the hope of being with a girl who is a size queen, cuz you might not be sexually compatible. So unless your like under 5 then you should not worry too much. If you get laughed at tell the bitch see has no tits (if true)or her vagina is the ugliest you have ever seen. Shallow bitches are stupid and should be put in there fucking place.

  8. biggg

    I myself I did JELKA device and I am very pleased. Vein of the penis stand out and I like it. .. Say something about Kegel reverse???

  9. honey

    I am 30 year old.my click is 7 inches.but I want more bigger and fat cock

  10. Gina

    Hi Rex
    Came here for the big dick picture section but I think you have the nicest cock of all. Would love to see more pictures of your big juicy cock…

  11. john

    how did you grow that c

  12. prolong

    Congrats for your gains and page! Just I wanted to see real results of extender in a real guy. My penis measures 6.45″ x 5.5″, almost like your, but curved to left. I’m using an andropenis extender to enlarge and correct the curve. Have you had some chafing in the “neck” of your penis because of the traction of extender? If yes, how you solved it? I see the photo you use some kind of towel or clothe between the penis and the band that extend the penis. Sometimes results a little hard to have, specially, because I feel more the traction on the side of curve. I want to know more about your experience using extenders!

  13. malik

    what price this pump

  14. Bill

    Couldn’t help but notice your awesome abs and nice legs, not to mention that beautiful cock. You didn’t say, but how old are you. Your body looks like a man in his 20s.

    I just bought Dr. Joel Kaplan’s Penis Pump System. You said you had bought one after Kaplan’s that worked just as good, but cheaper. If you don’t mind telling me, which one did you buy and where did you order it from?

    Thanks for the info as the pump I got didn’t have much instructions for using the pump. It mostly talked about using sex toys.

    Lake Sam Rayburn Texas.



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