How To Straighten a Curved Penis

I was cursed with a curved penis. It curves to the right, and I can’t pinpoint where and how it happened since I’ve never had any injury to my penis in my life. My best guess is that my penis became slightly bent during puberty when I began having those embarrassing spontaneous erections all the time. In those days, I wore tight briefs underwear. There wasn’t enough room in the briefs for my penis to point straight up when erect, so I had to point it to the side. For some reason, I typically pointed it to the right. Over time, all of those right-leaning erections in tight underwear might have caused my bent penis. Whatever the reason may be, now I have a curved dick that hangs to the right.

I wasn’t very self-conscious about it until my teens in high school. One of my ex-girlfriends told a bunch of girls at school that I had a crooked penis. I can’t believe how much girls talk about their boyfriends’ dicks! Women love sharing intimate details with their friends just like us guys take part in locker room talk. There’s something for you to think about the next time you see your girlfriend/wife’s best friend: she probably knows every detail about your dick and how you fuck. To get back on topic, after that girl spread rumors about my bent penis, I became pretty self-conscious about my penis not being straight. But I didn’t do anything about it until a few years later when I was in college and learned how to fix it.

Curved penis

My erect penis curve before penis straightening

It’s not just the visual appearance of a curved dick that bugs me. It’s also the fact that it can cause pain or discomfort in certain sex positions. I sometimes have to adjust my thrusting angle when having sex in order to accommodate for my penis curvature. The curve can make blowjobs a little more difficult too. Although it’s not a severe penis bend like peyronies disease, I still wished there was some penis straightening exercises or devices out there. You can see my curve in the first picture, taken before any of my penis straightening efforts.

Curved penis erection

My curved erection after using Penismaster 6 months

The curvature of my penis is what actually turned me on to penis enlargement exercises in the first place. I began searching for various remedies for penis straightening. I did a whole bunch of web research and found out that there are two ways how to straighten a curved penis naturally without surgery. Many penis enlargement exercises, like the jelq, can gradually straighten the penis until it reaches a normal looking curve. But results were slow and I wanted an easier way to straighten the curve of my dick. Then I found out about penis traction devices (also called a penis extender or penis stretcher) and how they can be used to treat penis curve issues.

After penis straightening and enlargement

Penis is straighter after using Penismaster device for one year. Also notice the increased penis length.

I decided to use my own dick to experiment with methods of straightening the penis bend. The photos to the left show my curved penis  gradually straightening over the course of a year. My routine also caused some penis growth which is the added benefit of using natural penis enlargement methods to correct penis curvature.

Using a penis extender is the best way I learned how to straighten a bent penis. It doesn’t matter if your penis curves left, right, up, or down. You just place this device on your penis for a couple hours each day and forget about it. Penis extender devices work by creating a traction force on your penis, which stretches the penis out straight. This will especially stretch the side of the penis that is on the inside of the curve. The pull against the curve stimulates the body to generate new tissue resulting in growth of the underdeveloped side.

Basically, mild penis curvature happens because one side of the penis did not grow as large as the other side, creating a lopsided appearance. More severe penis curves may involve scar tissue in the penis. Penis extenders stimulate growth in the weaker side of the penis to even it out. A nice side effect of this is the perceived bigger penis size from straightening the bend, plus real penis growth from the stretching. I posted my penis pictures showing my straighter erection and longer penis after using the penis stretching device.

My penis curve is noticeable both when flaccid or when I have an erection – but I’m more concerned about getting a straighter erection because that will improve my sex life. As you can see, it slanted to the right at about a 20-degree angle with a noticeable curve starting at the midpoint of the shaft. After one year of using the PenisMaster regularly, it’s just slightly curved at about 5-10 degrees.

So how did I straighten my penis?

I used the PenisMaster device, which is the best quality and best value penis extender on the market. I wore the device for a couple of hours 3-4 days a week for about a year. Results are very slow and gradual but my before/after pictures really show the straightening of the penis over time. Contrary to the penis enlargement ads you see everywhere, results are not fast. You need patience and persistence, and you’ll begin to notice results in about 6 months. The improvement of my penis curve really became apparent after one year of using the device regularly.

If you are going to invest in a penis stretching tool to straighten your penis, don’t get a cheap one that’s just going to break on you. Don’t buy one with the thin noose because it can cut off blood circulation and damage your penis. But don’t pay 300 bucks for one when you can get the same thing for about 150 dollars.


Do you have a curved penis that you are straightening with a penis extender or are you using some other method? Leave me a comment and let me know how it’s working for you.

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  1. Anonymous

    hey this was some very helpful information. i have a bend in my penis im trying to fix so thanks for the tips. nice looking penis too

    1. C. Rex

      Drop by and let us know how your penis straightening goes!

  2. SJM

    you know what an odd?

    You want to straighten your penis which you did (luck you) and I want to curving my penis but cannot get what I want 🙁

    1. C. Rex

      Interesting, I wonder if you can make your penis more curved by jelqing in the direction of your desired curve. Can I ask why you want your penis to have more curve?

      1. SJM

        Hard to explain in my second language but in my view, I don’t found my straighten penis excited until caught my friend’s curved penis in the shower area. I can’t help myself to find it so amazing and nice shape. I am envy of it — almost similar to yours.

        I know the sound I made like I am into a guy but honestly, I thought I was until I’m clearly not.

        By the way, that’s exactly what others told me about jelqing. I had been search and search for information about create curve penis from straighten — sadly, there isn’t. I’ll be glad to share with everyone if their desire as mine if jelq can make it happen. Thank you for your time

        1. C. Rex

          I haven’t found any good articles about making the penis curved, but if I find any information then I will post it here for you. I would guess that you can use the same method of straightening the penis to create penis curve, by jelqing in a curved direction. Just be careful not to injure your penis by bending it too far when you have an erection.

  3. wicky

    sir, i have a curved penis and i dont like it.i wanna straighten it.what method do u suggest me out of risk and side effects.

    1. C. Rex

      In my opinion the best way to straighten a curved penis is to use a penis extender device like the PenisMaster and a penis pump.

      A 31-patient study conducted by the Department of Urology at St Peter’s Hospitals and the Institute of Urology in London investigating the usefulness of pumps to correct the penile curvature associated with Peyronie’s disease found that “There was a clinically and statistically significant improvement in penile length, angle of curvature and pain after 12 weeks of using the vacuum pump”. In this study, subjects with Peyronie’s undertook two ten-minute pumping sessions per day for twelve weeks. The additional penis length of 0.5 cm average was an unexpected side effect found in approximately one third of the subjects and not an intended aim of the study.
      The role of vacuum pump therapy to mechanically straighten the penis in Peyronie’s disease

  4. love curved dick

    I love curved dick goin straight I think us a mistake……..curved dick is the best

  5. paul

    I live in South Africa and I don’t know where I can get myself these things

  6. hein

    I’m an my penis has a downward bend and a sligtly left curve. See I am gay right ad it causes me great discomfort when I have sex. I can’t aford equipment like that but I also don’t have te time to. Do the exersises. Is there any other natrual way. My bf complains that I hurt him in sertain positions. HELP!!

  7. Anonymous

    I had a curved penis because I masterbated weird

  8. JD

    Most penises are curved guys do some research. A perfectly straight dick isn’t typical

  9. joshua

    Can I still have sex with a penis that curves like 20 degrees?

    1. C. Rex

      Yes, of course!

  10. kierell

    The reason your penis is curved because you beat your dick with one hand all the time switch it up work on you left

  11. Robphil

    How do i straighten a curved penis? please do give me some ideas to staighten my penis. i will be happy to get a reply from you,

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