How To Jelq Using a Jelq Device

Before reading this article I recommend reading How To Jelq first for a better understanding of the basic manual jelq penis exercise.

JELQ Device

My favorite penis enlargement device: Jelq rollers

There is no scientific study disproving or proving that jelqing does work. (Let me know if you come across any research.) However, millions of men around the world claim that this natural penis enlargement exercise has made their penis grow bigger and also enabled a stronger erection. The popular penis enlargement forums are filled with testimonials and reviews from real people like me.

I can say from personal experience that jelqing does work. I learned about jelqing 5 years ago and now my cock is thicker, longer, and harder. I’m living proof that jelqing causes penis growth in both length and girth, plus I get harder erections after completing my jelqs. I believe a big part of my penis growth is a result of incorporating the jelq rollers as a way to boost my penis enlargement exercises. This is my favorite device to use for encouraging penis growth, and it’s probably the best way for you to get a larger penis too.

Here’s instructions how to use the jelq device to do more effective jelqing penis exercises, according to the maker of the device:

How to jelq using jelq device

Demonstration how to use jelq device

1. Begin by holding the jelq device with one hand on the two handles (palm facing the body) and the other grasping the foam rollers.

2. Next, open the jelq handles and allow the rollers to slide onto the penis. Push the device all the way to the pubic bone and then push a little farther as you lightly squeeze the handles. This will pull the penis out of the body slightly and begin to force blood into the penis. When done correctly, the first squeeze should cause the penis to “jump” up slightly like a balloon being filled with air.

At this point, grip down firmly and begin to pull out and away from the body up the penile shaft and toward the glans. It is helpful, at first, to keep one hand on the rollers while doing this, so as to steady the device as you complete each repetition. After several sessions, you won’t have to do this, but it is helpful at first.

Each repetition should take approximately 4 seconds. When beginning, count the seconds for each rep, after a while you will achieve a slow and steady rhythm. Your grip should be tight enough that the rollers lock up, and only turn very slightly as you pull toward the glans. Once you reach the glans it should be so engorged that there is no way that you could pull the device off without loosening your grip. To focus the exercises on the glans, you can hold this for an additional 3 seconds each rep.

3. After you have finished the outward motion loosen the grip on the handles. The rollers should then slide freely to the base of the penis, and you are ready to begin another repetition.

4. Repeat the above process for 100, or so, repetitions. Then stop, massage the penis and do some manual jelq and stretching. You may wish to perform a hot wrap in between sets. At this point you should be hanging very large.

Note: You should begin by doing only 100 repetitions, or so, per session. After a few sessions you will want to increase both the reps and the intensity of the workout. Many users now do 200-250 repetitions every to every other day. Even those who have reached their goals continue to use the device, the workouts continue to help achieve massively firm erections and to generally hang better during the day.


Important: Do a proper warm-up before any penis enlargement exercises. Use a hot wrap or heat pad to thoroughly warm up the penis before, during, and after your routine. Jelqing too aggressively without warming up can permanently damage your penis!
How to use jelq device

Enlarging the penis head using JELQ Device

Got any questions about how to use a jelq device? I’m working on another article about erect jelqing using my jelq roller. Erect jelqs are more advanced penis enlargement exercises only for the experienced PE community. Stay tuned.

— C-Rex

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  1. John J

    Thanks for the tips, it really helped me understand how the jelqing tool works. Post more penis enlargement pictures and animation please.

    1. C. Rex

      Thanks John J. If the pictures are helpful then I may have to post some more in the future.

  2. any way to increase penis size

    Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your blog? My blog site is in the very same area of interest as yours and my users would truly benefit from some of the information you present here. Please let me know if this alright with you. Thanks!

    1. C. Rex

      Thanks for asking permission to quote my articles. I put a lot of time and research into these articles and only allow them to appear in a limited number of other sites. I’ll contact you by email to find out more about how you plan to use my content.

  3. carl

    does the penis extender really work. i bout the jelg device and it works at first but seems to deflate after a couple of hours. i am currently 7.5 inches and 5.25in girth. but want bigger. seeing if extender will help, plus i have a curved penis that goes up and to the left

    1. C. Rex

      Hi Carl. Based on my experience, I believe the penis extender works to increase length while the jelq device works to increase both length and girth. I really started to see noticeable results after I used both devices together (one day of jelqing, then using the extender a couple days later). It seems that you can hit a plateau in penis growth if you don’t change up your penis exercises every once in a while. Hope this info helps.

  4. gaining big cock

    how can i make my cock big? im just a poor guy and i have no money to buy a cock enlarger tools and devices..is their other way to make my cock larger even though i do not have money???? what is it and how..?

    1. C. Rex

      Yes, you can make your penis bigger for free! The basic penis enlargement exercise is the manual jelq (hand jelqing) which I wrote about in an earlier post. The Jelq Device and other tools may give you faster results but the hand jelq method has been around for every and is probably the safest way to natural penis enlargement.

  5. Steelo

    I bought a jelq device and im wondering if you can also use the jelq rollers on the sides of the penis instead of jelqing top and bottom like you have in the pictures. Thansk for the directions im really looking forward to getting a bigger penis!

    1. C. Rex

      Yes you can definitely use the jelq roller to squeeze the sides of the penis. It’s always a good idea to change it up, which triggers penis growth naturally.

  6. dereje tilahun

    I wan growth my penis how I can do that?

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