How To Use a Penis Pump To Enlarge Your Penis

So you’re considering buying a penis pump to enlarge your penis? Or maybe you’ve already purchased a penis pump and now you’re wondering how to make your penis grow bigger. In a previous article, I described what penis pumps are and discussed if they work or not. In this article, I’ll explain how to use a penis pump to enlarge the penis naturally in the comfort of your own home. I’ll tell you the basic penis pump intervals to gradually increase the size of your dick.

How To Use a Penis Pump: Basic Pumping


How To Penis Pump

Use a penis pump with a pressure gauge

  1. Warm up your penis before any penis enlargement exercises.
  2. Achieve an erection. It is important that you already have an erect penis when you begin pumping to get the best results.
  3. Lube your penis with a personal lubricant. Be sure to apply plenty of lube all around the base of the penis where the lip of the cylinder touches your skin. I recommend a water-based lube because it washes off easily.
  4. Put your erect penis inside the penis pump cylinder and press it against your public bone. There should be an air-tight seal against your skin. Slowly spin the cylinder left and right in order to spread the lube around and get a comfortable fit.
  5. Very gently use the vacuum pump to slowly suck air out of the cylinder, keeping an eye on the pressure gauge. If you’re using a hand pump, give it a very short squeeze every 30 seconds until you reach -3″ Hg or -0.1 bar. Always start slow because your penis needs time to adjust to the change in air pressure. If you feel any pain or notice numbness, stop pumping immediately.
  6. After 10 minutes with your penis inside the penis pump cylinder, release the seal by pressing the button on your vacuum pump. Lightly massage and stretch your penis for another 10 minutes. Try to keep the penis engorged with blood during the rest period. Do not use the penis pump for longer than 10 minutes at a time. Using a timer with audible alarm is recommended.
  7. Apply more lube as needed, get an erection, and begin pumping your penis again until you reach -3″ Hg or -0.1 bar pressure. Pump for 10 minutes. Try to maintain an erection while pumping. You can work the cylinder around the penis to increase the pleasurable sensation of the suction.
  8. Rest for 10 minutes while lightly massaging and stretching your penis.
  9. Do a third and final 10-minute pump the same way. That’s 3 sets of 10-minute pumping sessions with 10-minute rest periods in between each set.
  10. Massage your penis and wear a cock ring for 15-30 minutes after you finish pumping. I recommend wearing a cock ring that goes around the cock and balls. (I’ll discuss cock rings in more detail in a future article.) You may also want to apply heat to your penis for 5-10 minutes to aid recovery time.
  11. Repeat this penis pump routine 3-4 days per week with at least one full day of rest in between pumping sessions. This allows your body to recover from the pressure and strain of the increased blood flow to the penis.
Packing the penis pump cylinder

Packing the tube after 1 year of using penis pump regularly

Easy Does It

Once you’ve done basic penis pumping for a while you may feel like your penis can handle more pressure. You may want to try pumping your penis up to -5″ Hg or -0.2 bar max pressure, but honestly I’ve had great results just going to -3″ Hg or -0.1 bar. Remember penis pumps are potentially very dangerous and you can seriously damage your penis if you aren’t careful. Just Google “penis pump injury” if you don’t believe me.

You really can make your dick bigger naturally using a penis pump, but you need to be patient, consistent, and careful. You need to accept that your body has limitations when it comes to penis growth so you need to work within those limitations. The cool thing about penis pumping is the immediate results you get, but this size increase is just temporary and softer than a normal erection. However if you follow a regular penis pump routine you will achieve a permanent or at least semi-permanent increase in penis size with harder erections.

This is just what I’ve learned from researching on the web and using a penis pump for several years. Always read the warnings and follow the instructions provided by the maker of your penis pump. I am not giving any medical advice and remember I am in no way responsible for any damages or injury caused by using your penis pump.


You can’t rush natural penis enlargement, so don’t risk injury by pumping too hard or for too long. Consistency is the key! Be committed for the long haul and enjoy the ride.

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  1. novice pumper

    Hey thanks for the tips, this is really helpful in my mission to make my penis bigger. The penis pump intervals you use are really interesting, do you have any other routines you do for pumping?

    1. C. Rex

      No, I just do a basic routine with the penis pump: 3 x 10 minute pumps at low pressure with minimum 10 minute breaks in between sets. 3 days per week with at least one day rest in between each day. I find that using another penis enlargement method like jelqing and stretching gets the best results.

  2. size up

    How long did it take you to pack the tube and what size penis pump cylinder do you recommend? My dick is 4 inches long and about 5 inches thick.

    1. C. Rex

      For a penis 5 inches in circumference when erect, you should use a 2 inch diameter penis pump cylinder. The length of the cylinder doesn’t matter. I am also about 5″ thick and it took me about a year of regular pumping before I was able to pack the tube (2″ diameter cylinder).

  3. pump chump

    Hi Rex and thanks for sharing your instructions. I don’t think the increase penis size is permanent though but it works temporary. I like to use my penis pump sometimes right before sex when it matters most! My girl doesn’t complain either 🙂

  4. want to get bigger

    Hey these instructions are great. I just bought a penis pump and used it a few times and I feel like I’m already getting a bigger penis. I will continue with a routine like you said and maybe buy a jelq or stretching device too. Thanks for providing all this great info for free!

  5. anon

    Using my penis pump for over 2 years now and I can tell you that your dick will grow bigger and stay bigger. My wife even noticed and she doesn’t mind my new hobby.

  6. average size

    dang i can’t believe i just now found this site. you pretty much answered all the questions i had about penis enlargement. it looks like it really does work so the next step if to get a good penis pump and extender. thanks for all the great info

  7. Alberto

    Hi mate, thanks for all the info. After reading this i decided to go and buy penis pump to make my penis bigger. However recently i read on the internet that penis pump kills the natural erection, and it never feels the same after using it. It that true? Did you experience anything like that?

    Thank you.


    1. joe

      Does it really work good will it make my penis bigger then aver be for be cuz I don’t like the way it is now and how long will it take to get to my place Joe k

  8. Biggrrichs


    I never considered the three sessions at a time. I have been doing a morning and evening pump and have had good results but have hit a plateau. For those that doubt – I started out at 2 1/3′ thick at 5 1/2 inches and now measure at . 2 3/4 thick at 7′ length HARD!!! I packed my first tube this spring and had to step up my game so I went a little bat sh@# crazy and ordered the “Porn star” tube 3 X 10 and I have no regrets at all!!! I walk around thicker and harder than ever before!!! I actually had my wife ask me to slow down because I was stretching her pussy to much!!!!!!!

    To which I pounded her harder 😉

    I love my pump!!

  9. warren

    I am recovering from prostate Cancer surgery & have ED is this best for me?

  10. Collin

    I want 2 make my penis hard and big, but dont have da money 2 buy a penis enlargment kit. Please help!

    1. Anonymous

      try crowdfunding

  11. Brian

    Sucks my scrotum in as well! Not good?!

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