What is a Penis Pump? Do Penis Pumps Work?

Penis pumps may be the most popular penis enlargement devices since they are sold as penis enlarger pumps, remedies for impotence, and even as sex toys. Even though these devices are widespread and approved by various medical boards, many penis enlargement experts still doubt the penis pump’s ability to increase penis size. You will find plenty of opposing views on this topic, but without better scientific research the only way to find out is to try penis pumping and see the results for yourself. Penis pumps make the penis bigger temporarily – there is no disputing that. But the jury is out on the question of permanent penis enlargement using a penis pump.

Penis Pump Picture

Rex using his penis pump

What is a penis pump?

The concept of penis pumps is pretty simple and straightforward. Insert the penis into the cylinder and create an air-tight seal against the body, then pump air out of the cylinder. The reduced air pressure inside the cylinder creates suction like a vacuum (but it won’t rip your dick off like one). The body compensates for the difference in pressure by engorging the penis with blood and lymph fluid. The penis grows erect to a larger size than normally possible because it swells with more blood than would normally happen in a regular erection. Immediately after pumping, the penis will become larger in both length and girth. The larger penis size will slowly subside in the hours after pumping. The penis size increase is measurable and also gives a nice visual appearance, making the penis appear larger than normal, even in the erect state.

Regular use of penis enlargement pumps in a proper routine is said to increase penis size permanently or at least achieve semi-permanent results. There is a theory that long-term penis pumping causes the spongy tissue in the penis to grow in order to accommodate the increased volume of blood flowing into the erect penis during pumping. Another plausible theory suggests that the suction on the penis stretches the ligaments that anchor the penis to the hip bones, allowing increased penis length and a longer penis. If both of these claims are true, then penis pumps can make your penis longer and thicker.

Do penis pumps work?

Penis pumps are already proven to work for treating erectile dysfunction and straightening penis curvature of¬†Peyronie’s disease, however there is no conclusive research showing if penis pumps work or don’t work for long-term penis enlargement. There is no question that penis pumping gives you a larger penis temporarily. Some research suggests that semi-permanent size gains are definitely in the realm of possiblity. I believe that it takes over a year of pumping 3 times a week (along with some other tricks I’ll discuss in the next post) but you can get a larger dick using penis pumps. I’ve had the best results when I maintain a strong erection throughout the entire time using the pump. I’ve posted some of my penis pump pictures here and you can search the web for more.

The immediate increased penis thickness feels less firm than a regular erection – it looks and feels inflated. The penis growth is noticeable, but don’t expect any miracles here: remember any product that claims that your cock will grow 3-4 inches in months is total bullshit. Realistic gains are slow, gradual, and require a steady routine. You can expect to gain modest amounts of length and girth by using a penis pump, but mostly girth gains. Many men claim to have made their dicks bigger by following strict routines that can take up to an hour a day, 3-4 days per week. Sounds like a lot of work to some guys, but then again penis pumps feel good and can make your dick huge at least for a little while.

My first penis pump set was the Dr. Joel Kaplan penis pump. It worked great while it lasted but eventually I needed to buy a replacement. I bought another penis pump for a cheaper price than the Kaplan pump but the quality is just as good. It has a tapered width cylinder with flared opening for comfort. The 9-inch long and 2-inch diameter cylinder is perfect for my current penis size of 7.5″ length x 5.5″ width (circumference). Hopefully someday I will have to upgrade the size!

Penis Pump Enlargement

I believe penis pumps work to enlarge the penis, as you can see in this picture. Notice how the base of my dick is starting to touch the cylinder wall and fill the tube. After several months of pumping, I can now fill the tube width completely.

Before you use a penis pump, make sure you know what you’re doing.

Follow the instructions and safety warnings that come with the pump. Never exceed the safe amount of pressure advised by the manufacturer of the penis pump. This safe pressure limit is typically around -5″ Hg or -0.2 bar, but ask the manufacturer if you aren’t sure. Do not use the pump for longer time intervals than advised by the manufacturer. I will discuss this more in the next post.

Use penis pumps or any type of penis enlargement at your own risk and with extreme care as they can be dangerous if you don’t use them as recommended. And always warm up before any penis enlargement exercises. I’m not a doctor or in any way qualified to give medical advice, so you should talk to a doctor before using a penis pump. I’m just a guy who enjoys using a penis pump for enlargement, edging, masturbating, and a fun way to spice up sex.

In my next article about penis pumps, I will give you some example routines with time intervals and rep counts. When first getting started, the penis pump beginner should be very careful not to use too much pressure until you know how much your dick can handle. My suggested penis pumping routine for beginners will be in the next post so bookmark this site and come back soon.

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  1. big d

    I have a penis pump and I can say that yes it does make your penis bigger but not sure if permanent. The size gains go away in a few hours typically but after I started using it like every other day or two days I noticed that I retained some of the additional size throughout the day. It’s like I always had a semi even when I was completely flaccid.

    1. C. Rex

      When I use a penis pump every other day for a few weeks straight, I definitely notice that my penis is hanging heavier on a regular basis. I believe that penis pumps work best in conjunction with other methods like jelqing, in order to cement gains and make the increased size permanent.

  2. Paul

    Hey this is a really good article and I’ve been searching for good info about penis pumps for a while. I just bought a penis pump and hoping it will make my penis bigger but I don’t have a regular PE routine or anything. Maybe I should try that? I look forward to your next article about pumping so I can see what kind of routine you do!

    1. C. Rex

      Thanks Paul. I will be posting some of my own routines here soon so bookmark or subscribe to the blog to make sure you don’t miss any updates!

  3. unknownspeaker

    hey rex, i wanted to know how long it would take to see results with using a penis pump, if i follow the instructions on this site.

    thanx Rex for this site, it will help me out in my quest for a bigger permanent penis.

    1. C. Rex

      I saw a convincing penis size increase after 9 months of pumping and jelqing. Unfortunately there is no single answer to your question, since everybody is a little different in terms of physique and genetics. Some men respond very well to penis pumping and report some amazing results, but some men say that they did not see any permanent size gains at all. The only true way to find out is to give it a try. The prevailing wisdom of the penis enlargement community suggests that you may want to use multiple methods of penis enlargement simultaneously as part of a routine, sort of like cross-training for your penis. Hope this helps.

  4. Anonymous

    What you think about penis clamping. Does it do the same thing as the penis pump

    1. C. Rex

      No, penis clamping is not the same as pumping. Clamping works kind of like jelqing – by expanding the penis through the internal pressure of pushing blood into the penis. Penis pumps work in the opposite way, creating penis expansion through external pressure of pulling more blood into the penis.

      Penis clamping is a high-risk penis enlargement method that should NOT be attempted by beginners. Like all penis enlargement exercises, you can really hurt yourself if you’re not careful, but clamping can be especially dangerous if not done properly. Thanks for the question and I will write about penis clamping in a future article.



    MY DICK size small so i will make big so can you give me full datail about penis pump .



    1. C. Rex

      Gulab, have you read my second article about penis pumps?
      How to use a penis pump to enlarge the penis
      This is where I describe how I use my penis pump to make my dick bigger.

  6. novice pumper

    Can you post pictures of your pumped penis, I’m curious to see what your dick is supposed to look like after a pumping session. Thanks

    1. C. Rex

      I may post pictures in my next article about pumping. In the mean time, you can find tons of pictures on google.

  7. kazim

    My penis is medium I want to make strong and large please send pictures send
    And how I am by

  8. donnie tran

    will penis pump make my penis bigger if it is uncircumcised

    1. C. Rex

      Yes, whether circumcised or uncircumcised the penis pump works the same way to increase penis size.

  9. Penis

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