Do Penis Extenders Work? What is the Best Penis Extender?

There are several penis extender enlargement devices on the market, but the PenisMaster stands out as one of the best traction-based penis stretching device. This penis enlarger device is effective at slowly stretching the tendon that is most closely related to penis lengthening. And unlike the cheaper extenders, the wide fastener belt on the PenisMaster doesn’t feel like you’re wrapping a rubber band around your dick!

Here is a breakdown of the PenisMaster stretching device:

The PenisMaster (also sold as PeniMaster or PM Device) is primarily used for safe, painless, permanent penis enlargement. The PenisMaster may also effectively be used as a means of straightening the curved penis. This medical device is a penis extender that can be used without the assistance of another person or a doctor.

The PenisMaster extender device has been proven to provide an increase of 0.2 to 0.4 inches per month, on average, for a total average gain of 2.55 inches. However, the longer that you use the PenisMaster, the more length you will gain. In addition to length, the PenisMaster will also slowly increase the thickness of your penis. If you wish to enhance the girth of your penis, the JELQ Device may be much more effective. The JELQ Device used in combination with the PenisMaster will give the penis an excellent well-rounded penis workout. Used together, both penis length and penis girth will increase faster than when just one of the penis exercise devices is used alone.

Best Penis Extender

I own, use, and recommend this penis extender device.

The achieved penis growth is permanent. When used correctly, the PenisMaster will permanently enlarge the penis. Aside from surgery, the PenisMaster is one of the only methods of permanent penis enlargement available. The penis extender should be worn at least 4 weeks, around 3 hours per day. Longer periods of time improve the results. Your personal condition also is very important. Some patients achieve the same results in 4 weeks that others achieve in 3 months.

The PenisMaster is designed specifically for maximum results, comfort and safety. There are similar products, but they are typically made of inferior materials, and with a less comfortable application. Only a product that can be worn without pain and is easy to use will provide results over time.

penis extender enlargement device

PenisMaster device in use

The PenisMaster device has a practical fastening clip for your glans. It is constructed to put the product on in 2 comfortable steps with hands free. Moreover, the clip protects the penis in case of a sudden overload (e.g., a fall), because it will loosen itself. This function is also supported by the synthetic ears of the fastening belt. Instead of a small, simple silicon slip-knot, the PeniMaster has a broad, elastic, anatomically shaped fastening belt made of durable synthetics that perfectly adapts itself to the shape of your glans.

The PenisMaster has an integrated spring-balance: with this you can read the adjusted traction force. Therefore, it is possible to do the treatment at the same intensity every day or to continuously increase it in regular steps according to a schedule. This particular penis extender has an ergonomically shaped base ring that reduces the pressure on the body and improves the comfortable feeling when wearing.

PenisMaster (PM Device) is a first class medical product according to the German law for medical products (MPG) and therefore has a CE certificate and is permanently controlled in quality. The PenisMaster is registered in the German patent office and has the German title “device for durable extension of long-stretched body parts” No. 202 03 927.7. The European and worldwide copyrights have been applied. Other producers therefore cannot implant the innovation for more comfort and safety of PenisMaster (PM Device) into their products.

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  1. mr penis

    So do penis extenders really work? It seems good and I want to buy one.

  2. FRANK

    Do you have any before & after pictures? I want to know if this can really make my penis longer.

    1. C. Rex

      Hi, I will be sure to include more before and after pictures in my next articles.

  3. kenneth

    yo rex i wanna know if the jelq device and the penimaster stuff really work?

    1. C. Rex

      Yes it really worked for me. That’s why I’m spending so much time on this site – to share what I’ve learned with other guys who want to get bigger!

  4. Just Average

    Hi, Rex
    Thank you for creating such a motivational blog I give it 5/5. I was wondering… How much did you gain from your PenisMaster Extender conjunction with your Jelq device?

    1. C. Rex

      Thank you! I have gained about 1 inch of increased penis length using the Penismaster along with jelqing. I grew my penis from 6.5 inches to 7.5 inches long, and my goal is to reach 8 inches.

      1. JOhnny

        how long didi it take you to gain 1 inche? 3-4 month

        1. C. Rex

          It took me over a year, but I did see some modest results in 6 months.

  5. Anonymous

    What do you think about traction wrapping, does it help with length just as the Penismaster?

    1. C. Rex

      Sorry, I don’t have any experience with traction wrapping so I can’t answer that question. To increase penis length through stretching, I’ve experimented with manual stretching, hanging, and the Penismaster. Hanging was too dangerous and the Penismaster was the easiest way to incorporate penis stretching into my enlargement regiment.

  6. Anonymous

    Wats the purpose of the PC and BC muscles? do they do the same function as helping wit Erection Quality and Stamina.

    1. C. Rex

      They are both important for erection quality and controlling premature ejaculation, but they do slightly different things. I’m actually working on a new article about PC and BC muscles that will be posted soon.

  7. Anonymous

    What’s your NBEL? Did your NBEL increase while using the extender?

    1. C. Rex

      I don’t measure NBEL (non bone-press erect length) because bone press measurements are the only accurate ones. That being said, I don’t have much fat over my pubic bone so my NBEL has always been pretty close to my BPEL, which is almost 8 inches. Not quite there yet but I’m working on it!

  8. Johnny

    Can i do enlargement routine like jelqing or stretching if i wear the extender?
    Cuz if i wear extender half a day and every two days work these exercises when will cells restore?
    it needs 24h for cells to restore, but do you think i can accelerate my penis size with extender and these exercises? How did it work out for you?

    1. C. Rex

      Yes, you can add jelqs and other penis exercises into your penis enlargement routine if you already use an extender. But if you new to penis enlargement then I recommend you give yourself at least 3 months of only using the penis extender before you try adding new exercises. This gives you time to get used to strain on your meat and also to become more aware of your body’s limits.

      You do not want to push it too hard and injure yourself. Slowly introduce jelqing to your routine only when you know your penis can handle it. Penis enlargement exercises should never cause pain, and you should still give yourself proper rest to allow the healing process to work.

      Hope this helps and good luck.

      1. JOhnny

        OK, i’m using extender for 3 months, so my question was if i use extender and do this exercises when will my cell restore? i use extender than do this exercises there is no time and this program i have you do every 2 days and one day break but that day break i use extender i mean i use extender very day! 30 min routine encludes: first warm up with hot towel, then ultimate jelqing, stretching with force, V stretching, circulary stretch and at the end massage and relaxation…so you are familiar with this? OK i will start working out but when will i rest, what do you think? Thanks a lot! Great site!!!

        1. C. Rex

          My opinion is that you should try to give yourself more rest days in order to give yourself more healing time. It can take 6 months to a year before you grow your penis 1 inch, for some people it takes longer. If you’re not patient and consistent then you run a higher risk of injury.

  9. Rich

    Just wondering. It seems that the unit must be worn for months to be effective but they only give a 30 day money back. Will 30 days be enough to KNOW if it works? Also in your experience can it be worn under clothes at work without obvious bulge?


  10. james

    what is the sensation like of having it on sometime i think that i don’t have it extended enough. I want to have it extended to where it actually yields results.

  11. Anonymous

    Will you write another article about penis stretchers? Curious to know more about how to use an extender. How are your results going. Thanks.

  12. Geoffrey Steinbrenner

    do they increase a good length of uo to 12inches

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