How To Stretch Your Penis and Increase Length

Do you want to learn how to make your penis bigger with simple penis stretching exercises? In this article, I’ll discuss how you can increase penis length by stretching the penis and suspensory ligament. It is truly possible to add inches of length to your dick by following a routine that will gradually give you results. Penis stretching can also help some men (like me) straighten their penis curve. The best part is that these penis enlargement methods don’t require surgery and you can do them in the privacy of your own home.

First I will explain the concept behind penis stretching and how it will make your penis bigger. Next, I will describe how to do the basic manual stretches to make your penis longer for free. Finally, I will compare manual stretches to penis extender traction devices, describing the pros and cons of each method. Pay attention, I’m going to break it down for you for free – don’t waste your money on penis enlargement programs, just bookmark this site!

How Stretching The Penis Makes Your Dick Bigger

The penis is made of soft tissue – there are no bones in the penis. The soft tissue of the penis is much more malleable than bone, but it doesn’t grow like a muscle does. The one part that has the most effect on penis size is the suspensory ligament of the penis. The suspensory ligament attaches the penis to the pubic bone and is responsible for the upward angle of erections.

Suspensory ligament of penis

Stretching the suspensory ligament of penis

The suspensory ligament is a great thing that serves a crucial function, but it also limits how much of your penis hangs outside your body. Did you know that your penis is actually much bigger than what you can see? That’s because a portion is inside your body, hidden from view. Some tribal cultures have a tradition of pushing the penis entirely inside one’s body (to keep it safe from hazards). When you have an erection, some of that “hidden” dick is emerging from its cavity, effectively making your dick bigger.

In fact, penis lengthening surgery is based on this same concept, but instead of simply stretching the ligament they make a small cut to the ligament. The idea is that the ligament will heal in the lengthened state, however many men who have had this surgery done complain that their penis goes back to normal size when the ligament completely heals. Another drawback to surgical enlargement is the loss of support: erections are at a lower angle and they “float” around instead of being firmly held to the body like a strong dick should. Most penis enlargement surgeons now recommend penis stretching exercises in conjuction with the surgery – but why would you pay all that money on invasive surgery when you can get the same results without surgery?

The following exercises focus on stretching the suspensory ligament, which allows more of the penis to drop outside the body and an increase in penis length.

Manual Penis Stretching

Manual penis stretches are in the same family as the jelq exercise. Both are basic penis exercises that you can do manually (with your hands) for free. Think of these exercises as the foundation of your PE program; you may consider adding more advanced methods after you become experienced with the manual exercises. Remember all penis enlargement methods are experimental and there is a real risk of injury. Manual stretching is generally safer than stretching devices, but both methods can cause permanent damage if you are not careful.

These stretches can be done either standing up or sitting down.

Downward Stretch

Manual penis stretch downward

Downward penis stretch

  1. Warm up properly before any penis enlargement exercises.
  2. Begin with a flaccid penis.
  3. Using your thumb and index finger, grip the penis shaft right below the head. Turn your hand inward so your thumb and index finger are the closest fingers to your body.
  4. Adjust your grip so most of the pressure is on the sides of the penis. Be careful not to cut off blood circulation. I use a U-shape grip rather than a O-shape.
  5. Gently pull downward until you feel a slight stretching the penis. You should not feel pain.
  6. Slowly apply more pressure until you feel the stretch at the base of the penis, where it meets the pubic bone.
  7. Hold the stretch for 5-10 minutes.
  8. Occasionally loosen your grip and kegel fresh blood into the head. Monitor your penis: If you notice any pain, numbness, or blue/purple skin color then stop immediately.
  9. Rest 10 minutes.
  10. Repeat the stretch 3-6 times with rest periods between each rep.

Upward Stretch

Manual penis stretching upward

Upward penis stretch

The upward penis stretch is the same as the downward stretch with a couple exceptions:

  1. Don’t turn your grip inward this time. Your pinky should be the closest finger to your body.
  2. Pull your penis straight up towards your chest.

You may want to alternate between upward and downward stretches.

Stretching for Curved Penis

If you want to straighten a penis curve, then pull the stretch against the curve. When stretching the penis to one side or the other, use the same grip you use for downward stretches.

I was able to achieve a slight reduction in my penis curve by doing straight downward stretching. Your results may vary.

Stretching With Penis Extender

Manual penis stretching is free and effective, but there is one drawback: your hand and wrist get tired, resulting in a weaker stretch in the later stages of your routine. When you use a penis extender to stretch your penis, you’ll have both hands free while your dick grows bigger. Technology is cool.

A penis extender (also called a traction device) is a little contraption that stretches your dick and suspensory ligament while you wear it. Not only are extenders convenient, but they have the added benefit of providing a constant stretch at your desired strength. On the flip side, it is a passive penis enlargement method with a higher risk of injury since it’s easier to forget about. Therefore penis stretching devices should only be used after you are extremely experienced with manual stretching.

There are many different brands of penis extenders for sale, but they aren’t all the same. Be sure to choose a high quality device – saving a little money on the knock-off version is not worth your dick’s well-being!

After you’ve purchased and assembled your penis extender, follow the usage instructions that came with your device. Since there are different variations of this device, I won’t bother trying to explain exactly how to use it, but I will give you a few pointers to get the best size gains and prevent injury.

Penis extender stretching device

Make your penis bigger with a penis extender

  • Always warm up before using a penis extender.
  • Secure the strap around the penis shaft below the head, do not strap down on the head.
  • Do not fasten the strap too tight! Make sure your penis is getting fresh blood circulation the entire time you are wearing the device.
  • Stay flaccid the entire time you’re using the penis extender.
  • Most penis extenders are adjustable length. Start with a length that gives you a light stretch and progressively add intensity over time.
  • For first time users, wear the extender in 10 minute intervals. Gradually increase only after you are aware of your body’s limitations.
  • Downward stretching will typically increase penis length faster.
  • Occasionally kegel fresh blood to the head of the penis.
  • You should never experience pain, numbness, or skin discoloration. If you do, stop immediately.

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  1. Tha DRZ

    Yo good info here man, I been doing jelqs for 6 mos but want a longer dick so glad you posted tha info here for stretching tha penis! Free methods is nice but might wanna buy a extender now…

    How much bigger can u get with just hand stretching and do u think its worth the $$ to buy extender?

    1. C. Rex

      Both manual stretching and using a penis extender will do the job. But in my opinion the penis extender will give you better results in the long run. I saw faster gains when I switched to my extender. Your results may vary, but personally I’m glad I bought my Penismaster.

  2. donnie tran

    can your penis become bigger if your penis is uncircumcised?

    1. C. Rex

      Donnie, all of these penis enlargement techniques work the same, whether circumcised or uncircumcised. I am circumcised, but you can do these same exercises to make your penis bigger.

  3. Boss420

    Another great article rex, keep em coming! I have grown my penis 1/2 inch so far from stretching and i will try your tips to get even bigger. thank u

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    This has to be the only site that shows you how to enlarge your penis for free. Major props for that.

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    Very helpful and detailed information, I am happy with my length but would like a few more inches for free, thank you for the help Where can one buy a penis extender out of curiosity?

  6. joe

    Do they really work

    1. joe

      How long does it take to get to my place

  7. Anonymous

    I think I want to buy a penis extender. Please tell us more about how much enlargement you got from this. Thanks

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