4 Reasons Why Guys Want To Make Their Dicks Bigger

So why is penis size so important anyways? Are us guys really that insecure about penis size? Let me open with a bold statement: It’s OK if you want to make your penis larger! Every guy has thought about it at one point of another. It’s completely natural to seek out tips on how to make your dick bigger.

Funny shirt: sorry about your tiny penis

Don't be that tiny penis guy.

Man has been experimenting with penis enlargement techniques for centuries, so this is nothing new. What is new is that now we have the research and technology behind natural penis growth, so we can find out the safest and most effective methods of penis enlargement.

Men should not feel embarrassed because they want a bigger penis. Women have a wide array of cosmetic enhancements available, from breast enlargement to botox. There is no convincing reason why penis enlargement should be any different. On this site, natural penis enlargement methods will be discussed freely and openly.

Here are four reasons why guys want a bigger penis:

1. Better Sex
Men must confront the brutal reality that size does matter. Period. Men can admit they prefer tight vaginas, so let’s not get all defensive when we hear women say they prefer a larger penis. Face the facts, that’s just biology. Women want to feel “filled up” with your manliness and, simply put, a big dick can stimulate more areas of the vagina. Of course different women have different preferences, but by and large, women get the most sexual satisfaction from a long thick cock. It’s the size of the ship and the motion of the ocean.

2. Appearance
For most people, big dicks are more visually appealing than small dicks. Do a quick survey of porn movies and notice how big the dicks are. Porn producers film what the people want to see. You can also find countless examples of art from all eras and cultures depicting a large phallus. Big penises have always been a symbol of masculine strength and sexual power. Many bodybuilders are interested in penis enlarging methods because they want that ripped look throughout their entire bodies.  Simply put, the visual of a bigger penis is more arousing to both women and men.

3. Confidence
The fear that your penis is too small can hurt your dating and social life. If you’re single and looking for a partner, and you’re worried about what the reaction will be when you whip out your dick for the first time, then you’re probably not going to be very confident. Imagine going through your day knowing that you have a bigger, stronger dick. How would you feel then? If you already have a long-term partner, imagine how confident you will feel knowing that she really means it when she tells you how big you are. Sometimes a bigger penis can help you conquer general shyness and feelings of inadequacy. Is the office douchebag  giving you a hard time? At least you have a bigger dick than he does. Us men have fragile egos, so even the slightest growth in penis size would give us a huge boost in confidence.

4. Stronger Erections
When certain natural penis enlargement techniques are done correctly, the blood flow and circulation to the penis improves. Good blood circulation to your penis is absolutely essential to achieving stronger erections and sexual endurance. Especially in the later stages of a man’s life when we are prone to erectile dysfunction, a healthy penis vascular system is crucial for maintaining sexual function. If you want to be able to have sex at an old age, without taking male enhancement drugs, then penis fitness probably helps.

Some lucky men out there aren’t worried about their penis size at all. But studies have shown that millions of men have below average penis size. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a head-start on those guys before they start asking if penis enlargement really works? Don’t be ashamed of your penis, do something about it. Natural penis enlargement exercises are safer and more affordable than penis enlarging surgery. I wish I would have known about this stuff years ago!


Reality Check: Penis enlargement will not “change your life forever!” Self-esteem and confidence are deeper issues than that. Seek a licensed counselor or therapist if you feel like your penis size is severely affecting your happiness and quality of life.

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  1. Capt. Morgan

    Yeah… this makes me not feel like so much of a chump for wanting to try the penis enlargement stuff. Actually kinda looking forward to it.

  2. Paul

    Very true! Especially #1. If I had a bigger penis then sex will be better for my girlfriend.

  3. John

    Hello, my name is John and I’m a chinese. I always have a problem with my cock’s size and I think it’s too small. Please help me to overcome this issue and I hope the solution is simply exercises. (PS: my size is 5.5”x5”)

  4. Junaid

    I want change my life through the big penis plz do some thing for me my penus is tiny. Plzzzz

  5. Junaid

    My peinus is tinny i want to improve my peinus length do some thing for me….!

  6. Nasir khan

    My penis is tinny and not errected in fulll. Pl give me some tips

    1. C. Rex

      Hi Nasir,
      I have a lot of free penis enlargement tips for you right here. Let me know if you have any questions about my articles.

  7. Mr. Innocent Omej

    You are doing a wonderful job i must confess. I would also want to say that my ego is highly affected by the size of my penis. I therefore need your help urgently.

  8. Danny

    I am 18 years old. My penis is 14.8″. Is it ok if I start Manual stretching exercises now? You know i dont work, so i dont have money for the extenders or such stuff. Or should I just wait till I am 20, may my penis grow bigger after age of 18 by itself?

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