How To Measure Penis Size Correctly

Don’t believe all the liars bragging about their 12-inch dicks and the bullshit penis enlargement scams claiming 3 inches of penis growth in a month. When it comes to penis size, let’s get our measurements straight!

Penis measurements are notoriously inaccurate. There isn’t really just one erect state and one flaccid state; there is this whole range of erectness, say from 0% (you just jumped in freezing cold water) to 100% (rock hard erection). Furthermore, you will get different measurements if you measure from the top, bottom, or side. There really is no official method of measuring the member. But we can get close.

How to measure penis

Measure the penis using tailors tape

Tailor’s tape measure is flexible, and will give you the most accurate measurement. Some prefer a ruler. However you decide to measure, make sure that you stay consistent over time.

To measure penis length,  first decide if you want to measure from where your penis meets your torso, or from where the top of your penis meets your pubic bone (bone press measurement or BP). If you measure from where your penis meets the skin of your torso, then your penis length will vary depending on how thick the layer of fat over your pubic bone is. This is why your penis will seem to shrink when you gain weight. Bone press measurement is the more consistent and reliable method, so that’s what I use.

Measure from the base of the top of your penis (pressing against the pubic bone) up the shaft to the head. Do NOT measure from the bottom where your penis meets your balls – that’s cheating.

Measuring thickness is very easy to do if you use the tailor’s tape measure. Simply wrap the tape around the shaft of the penis and measure the circumference. Make sure you measure the same place(s) on the shaft of the penis each time, to stay consistent. For example, you might want to measure the thickness at the base and also near the head.

Now you know how to measure a penis the correct way. Penis measurements are the only real way to prove if penis enlargement is real and permanent. Get a “before” penis size measurement and keep track of any growth. That was the only way for me to satisfy my curiosity about making my dick larger. Keep a log and take pictures to see the real proof, once and for all. Keeping a journal also helps you get motivated to keep up on your penis exercises and reach your size goal!

Any questions? Here’s a funny video about the average penis size and how to measure your penis… without cheating!


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  1. small dick stud

    So what I have a small dick compared to the average penis size but I know how to work it… too many guys be lying about having a huge dick!

    1. C. Rex

      That’s a great attitude to have. Confidence is what it’s all about and some guys want a little extra penis size to help boost their confidence!

  2. Anonymous

    What’s your NBEL. Did you gain in NBEL also?

    1. C. Rex

      I actually don’t measure NBEL (non bone pressed erect length) because it’s such an unreliable measurement. Bone pressed measurements are much more consistent, since it won’t change if you gain or lose weight.

  3. Anonymous

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